Thursday, 27 August 2015

Help anti-aging with spinach

Spinach is a great source of flavonoids - antioxidants which help destroy the free radicals in the body.  These harmful free radicals accumulate in all parts of the body and cause havoc.  They are responsible for all type of ailments especially cancer, brain deterioration which leads to mental conditions such as alzheimers and other forms of dementia.  Free radicals are also responsible for how fast we age.


Spinach is rich in anti-cancer carotenoids - epoxyxanthophylls, vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene.  These help with aging of the skin, hair and vision, bones etc.  by cleaning the blood.   They are powerful against acne , scars and wrinkles.  They  work in unison to protect the skin and eyes from damage cause from sunlight and its harmful UV rays.  

Spinach is also rich in iron which keeps the body from being anaemic by building red blood cells. Spinach also contains high levels of glycoglycerolipids, which helps to line the stomach thus protecting the stomach lining from damage which can result in cancer.  It also has oxalic acid which can be fatal if consume in high dosage so to avoid any danger with the levels just boil spinach for a minute before use.  

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Anti-aging Simplified

Aging is one thing we all have in common but unfortunately everyone does not have the same factors to play with to make it fair.  Genes play a major role in how "well" we age, for some persons their "good "genes allow them to age gracefully, while for others not so lucky to born with "good" genes, aging is a noticeable change from mid twenties. 

Another major factor in anti-aging is the socio-economical circumstances that we were born into and live out our lives.  Some of us are born into families who are "well off" financially, due to this lucky start they are usually less stressed; able to have their illnesses diagnosed and "cured" faster, to defy all odds; able to eat from healthy choices; buy products and services to treat the skin and hair from birth to old age; have the time to have a structured exercise program; have relaxing vacations and last but not least , the ability to buy clothes to compliment his/her body.

Then we have those of us who are born into families who are struggling financially, living under the worst of conditions.  Due to these socio-economical circumstances, persons are highly stressed from birth. Most of us are aware that stress is the underlying factor for all things bad for one's body and overall health.  Under these unfavourable conditions a person has to start work from a early age, hence work and education usually occur together; hardly ever have a vacation; no structured exercise program; no product that can actually work for skin or hair, since all you can squeeze out of your wages is something cheap that does not have any ingredients to do the job; make-up that damage skin; can not afford a certain level of health care, hence illnesses are diagnosed later and the long aggressive treatments take a toll on a person's skin and overall body.  As for clothing, a person with certain financial challenges does not get to make much choices, therefore what this person can afford might not compliment his/her body.